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Personal Ministries

Welcome church family to our Personal Ministry website. I hope that you will find it informative, spiritually uplifting and energized to truly fulfill the Great Commission. What is Evangelism?  Many different words are used in referring to this topic.  Outreach is a general term including anything the church does to reach beyond its own members. Personal Ministries is also a general term, but focuses more on what members can do individually. Evangelism is a term used in Scripture that literally means to share the good news of salvation. There are three types of evangelism, public evangelism, small group evangelism and personal evangelism. I would like to focus on Personal Evangelism. Personal evangelism is carried out through one-to-one conversation, or occasionally to more than one person (especially in the context of families). So, church family the first task of personal evangelism is not to teach doctrine, but to bring the unbeliever to a personal relationship with Christ. His method will give true success in reaching people. Our Savior mingled with men, showed sympathy for them, ministered to their needs and won their confidence. Then he bade them," Follow Me". (Ministry of Healing)

With God as our leader I am praying for a SUCCESSFUL MINISTRY in 2018 - Pauline Blankenfeldt (Personal Ministries Leader)